GME Aviation Services DWC - LLC established, lead & managed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals providing exceptional services each day and every day


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GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with line stations located at SHJ (Sharjah International Airport), DWC (Al Maktoum International Airport) and DXB (Dubai International Airport). The company is managed by a team of highly experienced aviation professionals with a vision to create a global enterprise: with the ability to provide Maintenance, repair & support in difficult and hostile environments.

GME provides quality services in aircraft Engineering, Logistics, Line Maintenance & tech support.


A key goal of GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC is to be recognized as trustworthy and reliable partner for clients and vendors alike, and to be the preferred choice whenever aviation needs arise.


GME endeavors to maintain sustained growth and excellent reputation as a leading international Maintenance Repair Organization. We will continue to guarantee unrivaled access in remote and challenging environments across the globe, delivering maintenance & engineering services at extremely short notice, assuring our customers excellence, whatever the aircraft, clients' needs on global operating environment.

OUR Values

We are passionate about our established business culture, based on high ethical values and quality standards. We are totally committed to the highest level of customer service and regulatory compliance within our organization.

We have defined four major principles representing the ethical foundations supporting our business operations:


We will conduct our business with integrity and honest dealings in our relationships with clients, suppliers, handlers and all third parties and stakeholders. We believe in fair and professional competition and will not take part in any practices of monopoly or unprofessional competitive tactics.


All company employees maintain high standards of professional knowledge, integrity and skill at the level required to ensure that clients and partners receive the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.


Due to the sensitive nature of our business environment, we hold privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard. To this end we commit to ensure the maximum degree of privacy and confidentiality with the protection of all personal and commercial information received from our clients, suppliers, handlers and support agents.


We expect all clients, suppliers, handlers and support agents conducting business with GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC to do so in a legal, professional and ethical manner. In this respect GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC is committed to full compliance with all local laws wherever we operate.

GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC is committed to any defined or required quality and safety standards in its service delivery, processes and supply chain (including United States of America Sarbanes Oxley requirements). We utilize an integrated quality and safety approach to define, measure and continuously improve our quality and safety standards in all operations and that of our partners.