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GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC, having principle office at Dubai, with line stations in SHJ, DWC and DXB. The company was founded in November 2014 by a team of highly experienced aviation professionals with a vision to create a global enterprise providing international Maintenance, repair and support in places where service was previously unavailable such as difficult and hostile environments.


Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance is strategic and integral part of any maintenance organization, it brings high added value at relatively low investment and operational cost. Line Maintenance is an effective means of improving company's bottom lines. As a trusted maintenance provider GME Aviation Services DWC-LLC provides the following services.


"Our promise is, to strive in meeting or exceeding our customer's requirements and providing first in class aviation solutions. "

  1. Transit Check.
  2. Daily checks.
  3. Defects rectification.
  4. Components change.
  5. Unplanned Maintenance Tasks.
  6. Aircraft preservation/de-preservation.
  7. Borescope & NDT inspection services.
  8. 24/7 AOG helpdesk and on-site services.

Aircraft Parts Supply

When you need a component for your aircraft, you need it fast, GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC can be relied upon, to get you back in the air. We carry parts for range of aircraft including Boeing 747-400, B747-200, Boeing 737 classic and NG. We also stock parts for the Airbus A320 aircraft range. GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC with our warehouse based in Sharjah (SHJ), our facilities at Dubai Al Makhtoum (DWC) & Dubai International Airport (DXB) and with our established network of global aviation partners, we are always in a position to support you. With our 24/7 AOG Service, you can contact us any time, day or night, to help solve your aviation needs. Particularly in regards to sourcing hard-to-find components.


  1. Airframe Rotable Parts
  2. Engines
  3. Engine Parts
  4. QEC
  5. APU's
  6. Tooling
  7. Repair Management
  8. Consumables
  9. Logistics Services


With our warehouses & facilities located in the UAE, our rapid and reliable transport network, we can meet your requirements; delivering globally aircraft spares from “Factory to Flight Line”.

AOG Support

GME Aviation Services provides fast and reliable AOG services in the UAE and around the Globe. We provide a range of recovery services to recover any given situation by providing the resources and management of situations as required, such as analysis and review, assigning engineers, providing components, materials handling, transportation and logistics, and providing the necessary supervision and control.

Whether you require one specialist or a large multi-skilled team, our qualified, experienced engineers are on standby to provide critical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to re-establish your flight operations. We work closely with airlines to carry out comprehensive evaluations, and deliver the most precise, safe and efficient AOG support possible.

Contact GME Aviation AOG Support Team: +971 (52) 641 8849 or aog@gme-as.com.


We provide a complete Continuing Airworthiness Management service for commercial operators.


  1. Development of aircraft maintenance program
  2. Forecasting, planning and tracking of all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities
  3. Management and control of repairs, modifications, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
  4. Safe storage of aircraft technical records
  5. Support and assistance in aircraft import and export processes, acquisitions or handbacks
  6. Pre-Purchase Inspections
  7. Scheduling and monitoring of aircraft maintenance visits
  8. Update and follow up of aircraft documentation
  9. Follow up of implementation of SB, STCs, Modifications
  10. Pre purchase audits to support aircraft transactions


GME AVIATION SERVICES extensive Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) services are designed to maximize clients' business efficiency whilst minimizing their costs. By using GME AVIATION SERVICES experienced personnel, operators get better Continuing Airworthiness staff available without having to make a heavy investment in full time salaries. Our experience, extensive resources and on-going knowledge updates translate into good processes and real time maintenance forecasting that ensures no task or check is missing. This is vitally important when you consider the potential cost of missing just one check or one task and when protecting the value of your assets.

Whether you need fleet airworthiness management, aircraft introduction and hand-backs, tailored AMPs (Approved Maintenance Programmers) or general CAMO Consultancy, you can trust GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC to provide the service you need.


If we don't currently have the approval you require, we will strive to get it in the shortest possible period of time.


By taking on GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC to manage the airworthiness of your aircraft fleet, you benefit from our experience, knowledge and adherence to best practice regimes. We track aircraft histories and modifications, manage maintenance schedules etc., keep on top of all existing and new Subpart G regulations and airworthiness directives, make compliance recommendations and implement changes wherever required.

You remain confident that your fleet, and your business, is always compliant and that you will retain your Air Operator Certificate (AOC) will remain valid at all times. Because GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC has already made the investment in experienced personnel and tailored computer systems, you don't have to. This makes us a particularly viable proposition for smaller operators where this would be a considerable cost outlay in software, hardware and training.


GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC following its approved CAMO procedures can offer extensive aircraft check and task planning services, together with the production of task cards, work cards, tally sheets and work orders to satisfy the customer's requirements, and also reporting to satisfy the GCAA CAR-M, Subpart G requirements. Our goal is to maximize the best use of check and task never exceed intervals and to optimize the aircraft operational availability.


GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC Aircraft Introduction and Hand Back service is designed to save customers time and money. Our team of experts are experienced and knowledgeable and the detailed processes we follow ensure that our customers avoid the costly mistakes that result from missed compliance issues.

Taking a time consuming and detailed burden away from our clients, our service is designed for operators bringing aircraft into or removing them from a fleet. For aircraft introduction and handbacks, we ensure that all reviews are fully documented. We ensure that all compliance is checked against lease return conditions and make recommendations for export Certificates of Airworthiness, or Export Compliance Statements.

Operators with a mixed fleet can benefit from GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC LLC extensive list of aircraft approvals, as our service can cover anything from the B747CL, B744, B737CL and is constantly growing.

Base Maintenance

GME Aviation Services is here to assist with your heavy maintenance checks, providing a fast reliable and trustworthy management system in establishing a suitable maintenance provider. We can additionally review work packs, negotiate with MRO for better package pricing and arrange prerequisite maintenance slots. We also offer services on technical support including the provision of Technical Representatives when customer's aircraft is undergoing check.

Our job is to fully represent the interest of our customer making sure that aircraft is returned to service, on time, on specification meeting budgeted finances. Logistics being a critical factor in delays on an HMV, GME materials team work in close consultations with its technical team delivering material on time and managing ratable repair.

For further details please contact GME's Base Maintenance Team: hmv@gme.aero

QA Services

GME AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC has established a quality management system that is integral to all company operations. The Quality Management System is defined and managed through the application of a Quality Assurance Manual, Quality Control Manual and Standard Operation Procedures where required.

Quality management services are also offered to our clients and customers as a means of developing suitable quality management systems for their own use and as a means of maintaining and assisting them with regulatory compliance, including carrying out audits of facilities, suppliers and aircraft.

Services can also be offered in respect of but not limited to: SAFA findings, NAA findings, ISO findings and assisting customers in closing open findings in consultation with both clients and their aviation authorities.